6 tips for rock hard erections for men

6 tips for rock hard erections for men

Intimacy is a huge component of any relationship, and if you can’t have sex, it will affect not only the relationship but your psychological well-being.

Think about it for a while. Imagine not being able to have sex with your partner anymore; it’s almost a death sentence for many men who have erectile dysfunction.

And, to make it worse, what happens if you can get an erection but ejaculate prematurely? But, if you are reading this, you are not suffering in silence; this is a common issue, and there is a solution with modern medicines like Viagra and Kamagra Super Jelly.

But if you want to help your sexual libido and, in some ways, help your overall health and erection quality, there are things you can do and steps you can quickly take to improve your erections.

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What Causes the Erectile Dysfunction?

When you get an erection or hard, it results from blood flowing to your penis. And with erectile dysfunction, there can be lowered flow of blood to the penis. This lack of blood flow will lead to erectile dysfunction and the inability to get an erection. Enzymes like PDE5 cause blood flow to restrict; treatments like Kamagra oral jelly 100 mg can radically help get the all-important blood flow to the penis, and it works like a miracle. But you can’t rely on Kamagra alone; you must take steps in your lifestyle to work alongside your Kamagra treatments as per below.

Stop the big nights out

As you get older, it’s a lot harder to get an erection if you have been drinking heavily. Your blood doesn’t flow to essential areas like your penis, and it’s also bad for your health. Healthline tells us that The process of getting an erection is complex and involves your:

  • brain
  • hormones
  • blood vessels
  • nerves

Consuming alcohol can affect all of these parts of your body and contribute to the development of ED.

So limit your drinking or even give the booze a break for a month and see the effects.

Slow the Stress Levels

Stress is a libido killer! Stress from the kids, work, bills, and mortgage stress can all contribute to lower sexual drive levels and your overall testosterone levels. With higher stress, you can expect an increase in erectile dysfunction. After all, if you are about to have sex and suddenly start thinking about the overdue bills, it will affect your erections. While you might not be able to control the issues causing your stress, you can take stress management classes or meditation in addition to Kamagra jelly to help with your erections. Also, look at your sleeping patterns, as regular sleep helps with stress.

Know Your Testosterone Levels

I bet you didn’t know that your testosterone levels diminish as you age, causing a fall in sex drive, irritability, depression, and lower erectile functioning. Talk to your GP about getting your testosterone levels checked, and if need be, you might need a booster shot to help improve your libido and sexual appetite.

Quit Smoking

Smoking will affect your blood flow to the penis and overall body health. It is a no-brainer to the damage that smoking does to your health, so just quit smoking. Easier said than done, I know, but if you want to help improve your ED, this is a first and crucial step – for more advice on this, go to QuitLine Australia.

Watch Your Diet

Your diet plays a massive role in your body’s health and directly correlates with erectile dysfunction. Relying on junk food and fatty fast food is incredibly bad for your health. It will, over time, lead to diseases associated with obesity, such as diabetes and plaque in your arteries. Not only do you risk a heart attack, but there are many other side effects of being overweight. Try to eat healthy foods that are not processed. Think oats, nuts, oily fish like salmon and red berries, and green foods like broccoli, avocado, etc. Try to read this from Dieticians Australia.

You’ll soon see the health benefits of eating well. 

Go for the Medication

I realise it may be hard to shift your lifestyle choices like diet, smoking and drinking, so the only other option is to look at medications to help with erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil-based Kamagra oral jelly 100 mg can massively improve the flow of blood that has to reach the penis to get a decent erection that lasts and is an excellent option for those guys suffering from ED. So there is now a quick (and I still suggest you look at your lifestyle choices and ways to improve them) fix, and you can get them via Kamagra products. This website sells Kamagra, so obviously, we are trying to promote it, but it works and is a good, effective and swift solution to stopping ED.