Controlling your High Blood Pressure And Erectile Dysfunction

Controlling your High Blood Pressure And Erectile Dysfunction

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is when your blood pressure, the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your blood vessels, is consistently too high, according to the American Heart Association. And about one-third of men with high blood pressure also have erectile dysfunction. You would think that with HBP, with all that blood pumping, you would get better erections, but it doesn’t work like that. 

There are many options to help treat hypertension that leads to erectile dysfunction, like taking medicines like Kamagra or taking the natural route and treating it through exercise and diet. But this article will highlight the pathways you can take to help with high blood pressure and, in turn, help with your erectile dysfunction issues.

Direct Correlation With Erectile Dysfunction And Hypertension 

Are you wondering how high blood pressure can directly affect erections in men? When you have an erection, the nerves and chemicals in your body direct blood flow to your penis. The blood flows quickly to the penis’s erection chambers made from the corpus cavernosum. You get hard because of the blood in your penis, filling up the corpus cavernosum. Once you finish your sexual activity and reach orgasm, the brain triggers a reaction to the penis to release the blood flow, and in turn, your penis goes soft very fast. We all know how this works and have experienced this many times. Hypertension harms the blood vessels, which lowers the blood flow throughout your body, including your penis, which is why it causes erectile dysfunction. Even if you don’t know you have high blood pressure, the ED you are experiencing may directly result from this.

Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction: how do you handle it?

Just because you are suffering from hypertension and ED doesn’t mean your sex life is over forever. There are ways you can handle it with some simple lifestyle changes, which most guys can implement quickly. Following are some ways to bring the spark back into the bedroom, even if your hypertension is severe.

Start with Lifestyle Changes for Your Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, implementing lifestyle changes to help manage this and reduce the severity is vital, especially if you want to be active in the bedroom again. You must implement changes to reduce blood pressure, like cutting out processed fatty foods as a start, stopping smoking and avoiding alcohol. Also, try to reduce your salt intake, as high sodium levels will increase blood pressure. The Heart Foundation has a great article called Five Foods to help lower blood pressure. It’s a great read and will point you in the right direction regarding your food intake. In terms of stopping the booze, this is self-explanatory, but if you are finding this hard, you might have to see professional help or go to an AA meeting. Also, don’t forget about a decent night’s sleep. Stop all social media scrolling for at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed to get into a relaxed state.

Consulting Doctor for Changes in BP Medicines

Erectile dysfunction can also be a result of some blood pressure medicine. So you treat one, and it affects the other. It’s a real problem, but your GP will look at other medications to put you on to combat your blood pressure without it affecting your ED. I suggest you try Kamagra Tablets in conjunction with your current medication to see if it helps your ED. But, again, speak to your GP as you don’t want to self-medicate, especially if you have high blood pressure issues.

Finding Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction 

Sure, you can try all these lifestyle changes, but to be honest, if you have ED and have had it for a few years, then the best option (and I am saying this with my hand on my heart) is to go for medicines like Viagra, Cialis and obviously Kamagra. These medicines are PDE5 inhibitors and can help with your erections very quickly while you are implementing your lifestyle changes to manage high blood pressure. But again, before you take any Kamagra Oral Jelly 100mg, make sure you speak with your GP, as they can advise you if it’s OK to take.


We have looked at hypertension and ways to help reduce your blood pressure. We have also explained the direct correlation between ED and hypertension and shown you some medications you could take in conjunction with your new lifestyle changes. We also accept that these changes might be incredibly difficult to implement, especially giving up the ciggies and booze. But it’s your choice, your life, and only you can take control of your blood pressure issues and erectile dysfunction. If you are happy to plod along, leave everything as is, and keep the status quo, then you’ll continue having hypertension and ED – not ideal. So, get proactive and make a start today. If you want to order Kamagra, you can begin here on this site.