Erectile Dysfunction and Age – what you need to know

Erectile Dysfunction and Age - what you need to know

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is prevalent in men as they age.

But while ED is a common condition, it’s not something that has to dictate your life or affect your mental state of mind. 

Unfortunately, the chances of adult men getting ED increases with age and exponentially to a point where it can become a severe issue. There are many contributing factors for men other than age-related that can add to their erectile dysfunction, and these can be managed even for men in their 60s, 70s and 80s. The main factor is obesity and lifestyle factors that can have a direct impact on their ED and performance in the bedroom. Other factors include medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, and even sleep disorders – all of which affect blood vessels and nerves in the penile area. 

So now let’s look at how ED affects men of all ages, what the causes might be, and see if there are any options to help improve their erections and performance/stamina in the bedroom.

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AGES 20 – 45 YEARS

In younger men (between the ages of 20 – 45), erectile dysfunction is usually a psychological issue where young guys are under pressure to perform. They may have to live up to expectations placed on them by their friends or, worse, what they see online in adult films. All this pressure can build up and amplify anxiety which in turn causes performance issues and, to a certain degree ED. Alternatively, guys who lead an unhealthy lifestyle and are obese can have ED issues. Testosterone is a vital hormone that drives men’s libido, and having low testosterone levels can impact sexual drive and result in erectile dysfunction. They are uncommon for younger men, but they can still exist.

The Fix: You should speak with a dietician and look at starting a healthy regime of eating healthy food and cutting out processed and fast food. Also, join a gym and hire a personal trainer to help you kick-start a daily gym workout program. Toning your body, eating healthy and improving your body image will help with self-esteem issues and your ED.

Medications: We don’t recommend any medications for men in these age groups because they are young enough to fix the root problems causing their ED. If issues persist and are chronic, we suggest consulting your GP. Then and only then, under medical supervision, would you go on some medication.

AGES 45 – 60 YEARS

Middle age is the age bracket where things, unfortunately, start to head south for men. Chronic medical issues start rearing their heads, and this is where it becomes more noticeable about the quality of men’s erections and their ability to stop premature ejaculation. Obesity issues, heart conditions, diabetes and lifestyle problems which were prevalent at an early age, which you didn’t pay much attention to and laughed off, are now more pronounced and not so funny any more. It’s harder to lose weight; as you age, your medical issues and conditions worsen unless you take good care of your body, which can be very hard as you are more sedentary and used to your bad habits. ED in middle age men is now a massive issue that can cause marriage and psychological issues and affect men well being, state of mind and confidence. In this age bracket, the development of neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and even stroke (yes, men in the age bracket can get strokes and heart attacks) also affect the nerves and blood vessels, further restricting blood flow to the penis and leading to problems with ED. And here’s the issue if men are experiencing a common condition such as high blood pressure and hypertension, the medications used to treat these will add to their ED issues.

The Fix: Speak to your GP about getting help with their medical issues and take the necessary medicine to treat these. Also, take a long, serious look at your lifestyle and ways you can improve on these. Diet quit smoking (a no-brainer), reduce alcohol intake and cut out all junk food – consider a vegan or partial vegan diet. Get rid of the gut and the junk food, and start training at the gym. Get onto this today. Delaying positive steps to a healthier lifestyle will prolong all your ED issues.

Medications: Speak to your GP about taking Viagra or Kamagra Oral Jelly 100 mg, which are excellent and increase blood flow to the penis. But there’s a caveat here. Don’t think you can continue your unhealthy lifestyle and pop a few tablets every time you want to have sex, as your ED issues may persist if you are still overweight, smoke and drink excessively.

AGE 60+

Sex is great for men over 60; there’s no reason why guys can’t enjoy sex in their latter years. However, chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders can worsen with age. Tragic, I know, but this is the reality of being human and the joys of the ageing process. We all wish we could be in our 20s, but it’s all downhill after a certain age for all men. Prostate issues and prostate cancer are common in men in this age bracket and directly impact erectile dysfunction. Also, as men age, their partner’s age and the libido of both partners may be extremely low when they have sex infrequently. Couples at this age tend to look for company rather than sex, but there are solutions if you are over 60 and experiencing ED.

The Fix: Lifestyle is critical in this age group. Keep healthy; regular check-ups with the doctor and your urologist are vital to get your prostate checked. A hassle, I know, but this is the age you must be vigilant with your health, including your prostate and heart conditions.

The Medication: Guy’s if you are over 60 and want to be intimate with your partner and have no serious medical issues, we strongly suggest you look at our Kamagra products as viable options to treat your ED and premature ejaculation.